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I have a very simple rule in my home: all who enter must respect that it is a sanctuary. A place of peace, health, safety, love, and tranquility. A respite from the public sphere.

Now imagine if I invited in some house guests because they had fallen on tough times. And they started started trashing it, committing crimes, being violent, terrorizing my neighbors, forbidding my traditions, insisting on making the rules in my home, insisting that I (and my neighbors) needed to live by those rules, etc.

Wouldn’t it just make sense to make the guests leave, and never let them come back? If I would not do it myself, how long would it be before my neighbors banded together and did it anyway?

I think it would be better for me to face my mistake and act, than to ignore the obvious and make it someone else’s problem.

Just saying. There may be an allegory here.

What do you think?