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Lately I have been pondering — after civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights, (insert disadvantaged group here) rights…when are things equal?

After all the policies and retributions and legal changes made in the past 40+ years, are we there yet?

And when we get there, what follows? Subjugation of those who previously had privilege, or true equality where everyone takes personal responsibility and rises or falls upon their own merit?

If true equality is the goal, eventually merit, ability, personal achievement, and individual responsibility come what may (win or lose) must be the end results of the equality movement. Because if the playing field doesn’t level but only tilts, that’s not equality, that’s privilege.

I know people of all stripes who started with nothing and had every reason to fail who have made it and I know people with every advantage to start with who have failed despite that, and I have also known all degrees of people in between.

IMHO true equality does not need programs or penalties. On either side. Equal is equal, fair is fair, yes? Are we ready to embrace personal responsibility? Or will we continue to cling to victim hood, past wrongs, retaliation, and group status instead of being individually and equally responsible for our own destiny?

When are things equal? And then what? How do we move forward? Please share your views in the comments.