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Has anyone else noticed that almost all of the “kicking a** and taking names” leads in movies lately have been women? The new Star Wars movies are just an example.

Something else I have noticed lately is a plethora of “hot chicks with guns” memes. Now I suspect this may be along the same lines as “hot chicks with hot rods” or “hot chicks on bada** bikes” and so on, as it’s pretty unlikely women themselves are creating these memes.

But there is something about this that troubles me. For example, on a social media site I saw this image, along with the caption, “A happy woman is…”


(Setting aside the debate of her hotness level, that I will leave up to the males to deliberate) the thing is while it at first glance is comforting to think, “heck yeah, I am gonna go get me some guns!” when I really pondered it, is this not just another form of “You go gurrrl!!!”?

For me anyway, happiness is not a warm gun. My preferred happiness is standing behind a big, strong, well fed, and well loved man with a gun.

Let’s be real, women are not and will never be warriors. We can be mean, nasty, and sneaky but women prefer their violence more on the passive aggressive side than on the hand-to-hand combat one.

Even early on, this can be seen if you observe pre-school aged children play. The boys love to play warrior while the girls stand in a huddle screaming and pretend to be the rescued damsels in distress.

I wish I had the link to a post from long ago about how women can best support a war effort — not by taking up arms but by bringing tea and sandwiches to the men. (The post is long gone now but maybe someone here remembers the incident the post was referring to?)

Let’s not fool ourselves, ladies. We need men (husbands, dads, brothers, sons) who love us deeply and fiercely enough to keep us safe. Men are not our enemy, they are our guardians.

And this could be a whole other post, but when little boys play warrior, don’t shame them. Build them up, make a fuss, and tell them how fabulous and brave they are. It won’t make them violent, it will make them men.

Let those who have ears hear.

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