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Ladies, put yourself in their shoes:

(these are all ACTUAL stories!)

  • The man who gets told off for holding the door open.
  • The injured vet who finds women won’t hold the door open for him, even though he is on crutches.
  • The husband of two young kids who is blindsided by his wife leaving him for her fitness trainer.
  • The dedicated employee passed over time and again for promotions because of his “privilege.”
  • The guy who was nuclear rejected by a gal who then posted video of it on Snapchat.
  • (Insert your own examples here.)

For decades men have been the only group it is OK to openly ridicule and the only group who is also not allowed to stand up against it.

So ladies, don’t be surprised to get less than a warm welcome from the men folk these days. We’ve collectively earned it.

While countless women continue to wail, “Where have all the good men gone?” and blame their lack of a committed relationship on guys who are too immature, too picky, or  unable or unwilling to commit, the wiser ones will see that women have created the hostile situation, and if she wants a man in her life to she’s going to have to actively re-build that bridge her sisters blew up long ago.

Instead of focusing on a long checklist of traits he “must have” to qualify, try thinking about your own list, what you bring to the table, and how you can qualify yourself to a good man.

And then be pleasant. Be feminine. Be as attractive as you can be. Act like a lady. Be loyal. Be trustworthy. Be appreciative. Be kind. Be respectful of him. Be supportive of him.

Trust me, such women are so rare these days, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Let those who have ears hear.