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Remember when it was considered a GOOD thing to act like a lady?

Apparently these days the feral woman is more the cultural standard, and IMHO it is a real loss.

My advice is to not sink to the level of the average woman, but rise above and be a class act. Not only will you stand out among the shrieking masses of hysterical women shouting expletives right in front of small children, you’ll also be taking a small personal stand for decency.

And when other women act like they have been raised on the streets, please join me in calling them out (constructively) on their bad behavior. Somebody has to! And let’s face it, these women are not going to listen to anything a man has to say.

I know it is like trying to fight the tide, but a civilization without civility just doesn’t work.

Let those who have ears hear.

Have some stories of women behaving well or badly to share? Please add them in the comments!