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Maybe it is just me, but is anyone else sick and tired of this seemingly endless back and forth about the long over and done election?

Donald Trump was legally elected president. The next opportunity to elect a president is in 2020. Can we MOVE ON???

Like it or not, just like every other president he has the right to choose a cabinet, set an agenda, determine priorities, and do his best to keep his campaign promises to those who voted for him. Which he is doing at an amazing rate and despite much resistance, btw.

Rather than temper tantrum meltdowns, how about we be happy we have a stable secure government that works, with peaceful transitions of power, checks and balances on govt., a legal system not based on bribery and extortion, freedom and opportunity for those willing to work for it, and more prosperity than most people on the planet?

We must seem like the most spoiled, entitled, self-absorbed, first world problem focused nation on earth! Frankly, it is embarrassing.

For all our blessings, all many seem to be able to do is complain that they deserve “more.” How about being part of the solution, not part of the problem? How about giving as much (or more!) than you are taking?

Maybe it is pre-menopause speaking here, but I am really having to restrain myself from not saying this sort of thing out loud and in person pretty much daily to those I encounter complaining about “the system.”

Count your blessings. That’s what I would recommend. Be positive. Look toward the future. Try to make the things you see wrong better.

It is amazing that for the supposedly most intelligent species on the planet, we never seem to learn from history. Look back in time and all the once mighty cultures fell not in their struggle but at their peak. Somehow rather than evolving the easier things get, people seem hell bent on devolving to their basest natures.

What’s next? Feeding Christians to the lions for sport? Burning folks at the stake based on mere allegations? The worst of our nature rising rather than the best of it shining?

I hope not. Wake up people, before it is too late and you only tell tales to your offspring of the wonders of running water, electricity, and a functioning society.

Let those who have ears hear.