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The other day I went along to a doctors appointment with a friend who is 76 and his girlfriend. He’s one of my favorite customers and was getting checked out to see if he was fit for back surgery.

These two make a striking couple even at their age, and I would love to see photos of them both from their youth. I imagine he likely looked like a taller version of James Dean and she like Marilyn Monroe.

The doctor was a beautiful Ukrainian gal, young, and I think she was quite intrigued when my friend introduced us as his wife (me) and girlfriend! He was joking about the wife part but I believe I saw the power of preselection in action because soon the doctor seemed to be crushing on him!

After we left I joked that the doctor was in love, and to that he replied, “I wouldn’t mind being married to a doctor.” Lol. Our brief sham marriage was over, just like that! Who says only women are hypergamus?

Well his appointment revealed that thanks to a lifetime of smoking, surgery might be risky, so now he’s scheduled to see three more experts to find out. The news made us all a bit sad so we went to the local Moose lodge to have a drink and ponder our mortality.

Not long after, in walks Zeus (Vixen’s former father in law.) He sat down with us and by golly my friend’s girlfriend starts batting her eyes and twirling her hair right away! Shameless.

Such is the power of an Alpha, even at the age of 78. My friend, a natural himself, could not outshine a man who has been working the ladies and loving the game his whole life. I am pretty sure had he asked, my friend’s girlfriend would have run off with him on the spot!

When I say my friend is a natural, I am not kidding. He dated my aunt back in high school, and my mom says he was the most eligible bachelor in the county back then. He says when he was 13, his mom had to start chasing the cars filled with 16+ year old teenage girls away!

But even so, he was no match for Zeus, who though older seemed 20 years younger in comparison. Everyone from the girlfriend to the waitress were tripping over themselves to catch his eye. The natural took it in stride and didn’t seem bothered by any of it a bit. Perhaps he was lost in his own thoughts about the hot doctor!

I simply sat back, watched the show, sipped my White Russian, and wondered what I would be like at their ages!