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Hercules stopped by on Saturday with his new girlfriend and his roommate.

His girlfriend is what I would expect, young, blonde, petite, attractive, not very bright, and hanging on his every word.

His roommate was a very nice guy, not flashy, very average, well spoken, and friendly. The roommate drove a cherry 1969 Nova (SS, no less!) , while Hercules and his gal pal drove the roommate’s man cave of a truck.

We chit chatted a bit, caught up on the latest. All very friendly like.

Then, the room cleared out suddenly and Hercules got down to business.

“You got a boyfriend?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yeah but it’s some long distance thing, right?”

“Yes,” I said. “And it’s going great.”

“Why don’t you come back to our place? My roommate is single and he wants you to come hang out.”

“Sorry,” I said. “Your roommate seems great, it’s nothing personal, but I am in a relationship.”

“Perfect. He doesn’t want anything serious, anyway. Plus, he’s loaded.”

I rolled my eyes. “You are missing the point Hercules.”

“Fine. Be that way.”

They discussed coming by the next day to help with a little project, and off they went.

Ten minutes later I get a text.

“My roommate wants you to come over and party.”

“Sorry,” I said. “I am going to stay home tonight, not feeling well. See you in the morning.”

“Oh geez.”

I call my boyfriend, and then watched a movie. Ahhhh… alone time!

Now, I easily could have gone. But why? Plus, I’d be an idiot to ruin the good thing I’ve got.

The next day they show up, just Hercules and his lady and we get the project done quickly.

I talk more with his lady, learn she is best friends with Hercules’s sister Venus, who I adore. (Venus easily could have been Playmate of the year had she wanted to.) Venus once said to me, “Nobody should ever date any of my brothers. They are all pigs!” So I figure the girlfriend has been told what she’s getting into. Maybe if so, it can work. We’ll see…

Then he notices my new riding lawnmower, and my now spare older one and offers to make a trade, some physical work needing done in exchange for the old mower.

“Sounds good, but I need to run it by my boyfriend first,” I say.

“Oh geez. Just tell him the thing disappeared.”

“Sorry,” I say. “That’s not the way things work.”

Off they go. I fill my guy in on all this, and he approves the trade.

Anyway, not sure there’s a point to this except I found it all pretty entertaining.