Blue pill thinking has not only destroyed the dynamic between men and women in relationships, this thinking is destroying our very civilization, itself.

Everything once held as good, true, just, and right has been flipped on its head. It can be seen clearly in the comments posted in response to the president’s recent tweet found here. Please take a moment to scroll through a few so the rest of this makes sense.

Do you see the lack of civility? The utter disrespect for authority? The contempt for leadership?

Of course there are also the posts that represent the ideals our nation were founded upon. Love of God, country, and one’s fellow citizen.

This is truly troubling to me, and I only see conflict ahead. Conflict not caused by those who support our nation, but by those who do not. This type of thinking is not progress, it is not progressive, it is shameful, and hateful, and dark.

I have never been in combat, nor am I a violent person on any level, but I have heard from those who have been in battle that it is the coward one must fear most, the coward on their own side. It is the coward traitor who will turn on his own to save himself.

That is why in history, such subversives are treated as they were, and why their weak thinking is a threat to all around them.

Let those who have ears hear.

What do you think? Please share in the comments.

p.s. I am by no means saying anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with the current president are what I describe above, I am specifically talking about those w the hateful and small mentality of those in the reply to the tweet, to clarify.