Women today are more likely told to put themselves first, than to put themselves last. But personally, I think some more of the latter is good advice, too.

Allow me to explain. The female mind already leans toward solipsism, which while part of the way things were designed to work, it can be too much if not balanced with an awareness of others.

Consider women in your life who are living the “Put yourself first” motto to the extreme, not good, right? Such women are often a neurotic, self-absorbed, hot mess who thinks only of herself. Such women are also often very unhappy and constantly seeking more of “something.”

Now granted, there are other women who lean the opposite, who really do need to stop being a doormat, being so selfless they are a passive aggressive, resentful, wreck. This post is not for them.

Obviously the middle is the sweet spot. But in today’s “you go grrrul” world (possibly in overreaction to the former doormat model promoted in generations past) it seems to me most women now reside in the “me, me, me!” camp. Why? Because society encourages it.

But rather than that path leading to balance, harmony, and happiness, women today seem less “centered” than ever.

So, sister, take the “you first” advice with a grain of salt. As they say, everything in moderation. Perhaps the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle, finding fulfillment and happiness serving others and also carving out some time for yourself. Rotate between putting yourself and others first, as the situation calls for.

Because too much of anything is just too much!

Let those who have ears hear.

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