Tonight I by chance witnessed a relationship that from the little I saw, my immediate thought for him was, “Run!”

It started w a follow up visit on Dick’s surgery, complete w Jane, my youngest, and myself.

After a good review by the nurse, they wanted to go to their favorite place to eat, the local Moose lodge.

While there a guy joined our table and seemed to be giving me subtle IOI’s. He was maybe early 50s, decent looking if not buff, seemed like a very nice guy. Of course being taken, I did not give any encouragement and acted like I didn’t notice the IOI business.

Soon after a gal and what appeared to be her mom joined the table. She called him “Hon” and then launched into her drama of the day, her having to spend “hours” surviving his mother.

He looked uncomfortable but said nothing. At this point I was just curious, so I sat back, sipped my drink, and watched it unfold. (I was having a White Russian, always my go to but now even more so that I know anti-Trump folks get spun by it! Lol.)

She was maybe late 40s, early 50s, in good shape, cute, blond. Dressed fashionably.

Introductions were made and turns out she is his fiancée, with a date set for September? Interesting…

Soon the gal had a table of gals hanging on her every word as she told a tale about how she needed to polish up her ring, and used HIS toothbrush to do so. From his expression I could tell he was not ok w it.

I could not resist, at an opportune moment, asking, “Why did you use his and not your own?” She shot me an evil eye, then explained is hadn’t crossed her mind!

He added, he threw out the toothbrush, and bought another. (Ouch! Good for him!)

She made a bad joke about what would really happen to his toothbrush if she ever got mad. The other ladies laughed. I joked to him maybe he should just get some Listerene now and dunk his brush then wait 30 seconds every time before use.

She made a snarky comment. I replied, “Well, maybe if he ever does anything worth that you should just walk rather than use his toothbrush to clean the toilet.” She agreed.

Sad thing is he did not at all seem like that kind of guy. I worry for him, but these are their problems not mine, and they were strangers.

I planted the few red pill seeds I could. We’ll see. Will they make it to the alter?

If I could advise him, it would be this, “RUN!!!!!”

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