Anyone who wonders why the world isn’t working should really look to the animal world for some insight.

See, animals just are what they are and act like they do. They don’t fret, or overthink, or question, or ever go against their true nature. They are who they are born to be.

If one believes such things (and I do) animals are living in perfect harmony with their creator and their place in the universe. It is humans, with their knowledge from the forbidden fruit, who can’t reconcile things.

As a post at Hawaiian Libertarian so aptly said, all of this red pill/blue pill is really a battle between dark and light. It is as simple, and complex, as that.

Blue pill ideas sound good, even better than the old ways, but in reality they are the path of darkness and destruction, all wrapped up in pretty packaging that deceives.

So what side are you on, is really the question. Darkness or light? Animals know where all abundance and harmony comes from. They align with it naturally, no struggle or angst.

Who is really most intelligent? Who is Foolish?

Dont feed the beast with your actions, thoughts, or words. Cling to what is good, no matter how “out of fashion.” It will never do you wrong. It will actually save you a whole lot of pain. Let the rest chase the dark, you are missing nothing.

Let those who have ears hear.