I have a friend we’ll call Otter who proves it’s never too late to find one’s place in the world or life purpose.

Otter, in his mid 40s, is very intelligent but because of dyslexia, was never one for book learning. Most of his life he’s gotten by working low pay, manual labor jobs. Otter is the guy I call when I need some holes dug, rocks moved, or things built that aren’t too complex but have an artistic flair.

Otter reminds me of a character right out of a hobbit tale. He loves mud, and streams, beaver sticks, and living a simple life. He never has much money but he doesn’t need much money, so it all works out.

Otter is likely what they call a sigma in the red pill world. He just does his own thing his own way, desiring to be neither an Alpha leader nor a beta provider. He’s rarely in the company of women, but when he is they are always unusually beautiful considering his own odd appearance, and even when the relationships run their course they remain friends. He’s very in touch with his emotions, and can dive right in and carry on conversations just like a girl.

Otter lives in the house where he grew up and takes care of his elderly widowed mom. He does odd jobs around the neighborhood when he needs spending money, which so far has worked out for him. He has worked as a security guard and other jobs in the past when he was living on his own, but since his dad passed and he moved back home, he’s prefered to work part time, here and there.

About four to six months ago, Otter started talking about a man he met who did chainsaw art. Otter was intrigued, so he started hanging about, offering labor in exchange for learning the basics. Soon it was harder to get Otter out to do an odd job, because he was so busy at the studio.

The man he’s working with is a jolly and positive older man with an infectious energy. Otters own father was a drinker who never really had time for Otter, so while his parents were married for life, Otter is more like a guy raised by a single mom than not. He prefers to use hand tools over power, as I don’t think he ever had a guy show him how. I get the feeling that’s all changed now, as it seems he’s running all sorts of woodworking tools now, under the patient guidance of his new boss, who has become somewhat of a father figure to him.

I haven’t seen him for a few months but then he surfaced, with some of the most amazing photos of the things he’s been up to. It would not be doing it justice to call it chainsaw art, it’s truly on the sculpture fine art scale, and I can tell Otter is absolutely loving every minute of it! Owls, bears, dragons, fish, benches, totem poles, and more, he’s making them all.

The guy who never seemed to really fit in has found his place at last, and his work is selling for $2,000 or more a piece before he even has them finished. He’s already better at it than people who have been doing it for years, I can only imagine how far he will go with it.

It makes me so happy to see Otter so happy! Sometimes, ya win one if you just keep poking along until you find your niche!

Let those who have ears hear.