When I look around at many of the female leaders or celebrities today, despite all the “advances” in women’s rights, education, and entry into the public sphere, they still somehow seem so much less than women from 100+ years ago.

What would our great or great-great grandmothers think of their selfies, social media posturing, cries of victim hood, unhinged rants in public, and so on? What would a woman on the frontier think, for example?

Would Ashley Judd’s speech at the women’s march seem self indulgent to a woman who had babies minus hospitals or doctors, who raised and preserved all her own and her family’s food, who lived without electricity or running water but did laundry and cooking anyway, who made all the clothing, and provided the family and livestock with medical care, a woman much too busy occupied with her family’s survival and well being to be self indulgent.

With all the things we women have today that she could only have dreamed of, I ask — can we be better women? Women that woman would celebrate and respect? Women who are thankful for the easy life they enjoy today, built upon the hardworking women of the generations before? Women worthy of that?

Certainly it is possible to rise and soar rather than to whine and complain, or be foul and base and loose, always wanting more, more, more while giving back less and less?

Be better. A worthy life goal. Do it for her. Do it for the women to come. It’s as simple and complicated as that.

Let those who have ears hear.