Yesterday an old friend from college stopped by with his new girlfriend (she also went to college with us, but I don’t remember her.) As she and I talked, I was amazed at how red pill aware she was, although I doubt she frequents these parts. She understood many of the concepts, and was tuned into how feminism has gone far beyond its original intent. And the destruction it had caused for men.

As she went on and on about such things I wondered, “How did she learn all this in the mainstream?”

A little while later she revealed she’d been an exotic dancer up until four years ago. Ah ha! Then it all made sense. She’s worked for years in a profession that had laid bare, no pun intended, the dynamics between the genders.

From reading blogs written by professional dancers, escorts, and courtesans, I have learned such women often understand men, and things from a man’s point of view, better than most.

My friend was clearly uncomfortable about his date’s candor. And he was also getting annoyed at her crass behavior (she could up her ladylike game.) I doubt they will be together long term, but it was interesting to meet her.

Funny had she not said so, I never would have suspected what her former “250k a year job” was. And I’d be curious how and why she decided to hang up the stilettos. Perhaps we’ll get to that part next time?

Life sure is a colorful cast of characters!