How many times have we seen it in movies and in real life? A gal, fretting, wondering after a night of casual sex, “Will he call? Is he THE ONE?”

Not to be a spoiler, but the answer is most likely, “No” on both counts.

Young gals today are told, “be sexually liberated,”  and that doing so is healthy, empowered, and fun. Except when he doesn’t call, it’s not fun. In the red pill world it’s called, “getting pumped and dumped” and it’s not a good thing.

If one even has to ask, “Will he call?” they are missing the point. Because really, if a gal isn’t certain he will, and that he is (and just as important, he clearly WANTS to be) THE ONE, she should be keeping her pants on.

Ladies, do yourself a favor. Skip the, “Will he call?” nonsense and wait for your forever guy. He’ll be glad you did, and you will save yourself a whole lot of pain and emotional damage, too.

Sure, you may not date as much. You may not have all those stories to tell. Still, it’s better. Because while getting pumped by a hot guy may be fun, getting dumped by one sure isn’t. If you don’t believe me, just ask your broken-hearted gal pal checking her phone in vain.

Let those with ears hear.