In her manosphere, betas get a lot of flack. But should they?

Recently I have gotten to know such a guy, married to a gal I have just started working with. Let’s call him Bob, because he reminds me very much of the cartoon character Bob the Builder.

Bob is not tall, maybe 5’8″. He’s stocky and solidly built, not fat but muscular wo being a bodybuilder type. He’s not bad looking but also not strikingly handsome. He’s a good solid average guy.

Bob has a high energy level and runs the maintenance dept. for a large construction firm. Because he likes to be working, moving, and doing he says his recent promotion to lead guy is kind of a drag because now he’s the one scheduling the work instead of doing the work. But Bob goes along, and channels his energy into after work and weekend projects, plus lots of site visits during the week to get out of the cube.

Recently I had a big event going on, and there was lots to get done to be ready. Bob’s wife was going to be there, so Bob just started coming along to support his wife’s new venture. He’s such a rock for her, ready and waiting to help her shine.

Well that wasn’t enough to keep Bob occupied, so all on his own he started looking around my place and finding stuff to do. Day after day there was Bob, smiling and happily mowing, weed wacking, pulling weeds, building and fixing stuff, organizing tools, etc. He never asked for any pay, and refused it when I offered. He just liked to be busy and to help, he said. And be there for his wife.

There he was, Like clockwork, not asking for anything but happily giving his time and energy to make sure things went smoothly, we were ready, and things were a success. And thanks in large part to him, it did, we were and and it was.

Guys like Bob may not be chick magnets, and I bet Bob would be flabbergasted if a woman did try to hit on him, nor can I imagine him cheating on his wife, but guys like Bob make great husbands and mates.  They really are the unsung, under appreciated heros of a world that works and hums along, lights on and water running.

Ladies, a wise woman does not overlook a guy like Bob as a life mate. He may not be Alpha man of the group, but with appreciation and encouragement, he makes a fine Alpha for his gal. She will never lack for anything and he’ll be there ready and waiting to make sure their world is functioning smoothly, with a smile of quiet satisfaction for a job well done on his face.

Let those with ears hear.