If you want a relationship that works in a world that doesn’t, my advice is to watch the winners. And not only watch them, but watch and learn.

I know quite a few such couples and in every case the wife works to stay attractive, is within acceptable BMI ratio, has a pleasant and upbeat attitude, never badtalks her man, and while no doormat, clearly sees her man as the respected lead. And, gasp, rather than oppress them, their husbands honor them.

In return these women have very nice, relatively worry free lives. They are financially secure thanks to years of working alongside their husbands (rather than against him), and have a stable and safe happy future to look forward to.

Sure, I know plenty of the opposite. But what is there to learn there, except maybe what NOT to do?

Look around for the happily married women in your life and aim to be like them if you wish to be happily married yourself. They may not be as easy to spot as the train wrecks and drama queens, but they make a much better case to study if your goal is relationship success.

Let those with ears hear.