A friend and I were talking today about the current state of affairs, and it suddenly occurred to us that the Dr. Spock, everybody is special, everyone is a winner philosophy has backfired.

While well intended, the reality is there is no participation trophy in life. Teaching children that there is doesn’t make them stronger, more confident, and more resilient. It turns them into weak, whiny, entitled adults.

The fact is, nobody is special. Or at least not any more special than anyone else. There are winners and there are losers. The winners don’t win out of some supposed privilege, they win because they worked harder, prepared more, and pursued their goals relentlessly.

I have known people born into incredible wealth and advantage who ended up accomplishing little more than getting disinherited, and I know other people born into great disadvantage who have done very well in life.

I think children would be far better served by telling them the truth: If you want something, you have to earn it. Be better than anyone else and you will.

Let those who have ears hear.