In comments from the previous post something interesting came up, how feminism often portrays the worst case into the norm. But it’s not the norm, and thinking so leads to all kinds of problems.

For example, the idea that men are always the abusers all of the time. And the closely related “all men are rapists and abusers.”

Now clearly neither statement is truth nor do the stats even bear them out. Are some men abusers? Yes. But some is not most or all. The number of men who physically abuse women has always been a small number of the entire male population. And most men themselves feel revulsion at a “man” who abuses or victimizes anyone weaker than itself.

Another example, “All men leave.” Or the variation, “You always have to be independant in case he leaves.” Sure, statistically some men leave, but for the large part most men are more than willing to stay and are quite shocked themselves when their woman leaves them.

Another example is pay on the job. Yes, in some cases it has been revealed that men were making more for the same job. But in most cases, they aren’t. There is no secret keep women down society, there really isn’t.

So next time you find yourself accepting such statements as TRUTHS, look closer and see if it’s really so. More often than not it’s just another example of Apex fallacy, the belief that all men have it just like the top, most privileged men, when in reality they don’t. Sometimes, they have it worse, even much worse, than women! Yep.

Let those with ears hear.