A simple interaction between Dancer and her guy led me to reflect how women could improve their relationships by viewing their guy as the captain (and themselves as the co-captain) rather than as equals.

They had just been working in the rain and were getting ready to drive (for her first time) up to his house for the weekend.

“Go change into some dry clothes and dry your hair,” he said, not in any way bossy, but direct and matter of fact.

She said, “No, it’s ok, I am fine. I don’t need dry clothes.”

Now maybe she was trying to be not difficult by just living with the wet clothes but instead she annoyed him.

“Dancer, go change into dry clothes.” By this time I could see it was an order not a request. Still, she repeated she was fine and it wasn’t necessary. She wasn’t trying to be difficult, but she was.

He gave her THE LOOK. She went and changed. I grabbed them some cookies for the road, which he gladly accepted.

While she was changing he explained he didn’t understand why everything had to be “a fight.” All he wanted was her to be dry so they didn’t have to drive for two hours in a fogged up truck.

Its really not that hard to just follow the Captain’s orders, is it? Even if he doesn’t explain they why behind it, or it doesn’t make sense, or seems unnecessary. So long as it’s not going to cause any imminent harm, why not? Doing so will improve your standing in your man’s eyes as well as reduce frustration and unnecessary strife.

Let those who have ears hear.