Women today likely have more rights, protection, and power than any other time in history. But yet, in many circles, women are sold the story that they are suffering every single day from oppression, sexism, and powerlessness.

Finally, someone is speaking out about the danger of the victim narrative. Sure enough, being constantly told or believing you are a victim leads to feelings of anxiety and helplessness.

Of course it would! If one is on edge, seeing everyday situations as microaggressions and assaults, it only makes sense this would not lead to confidence, empowerment, or stability.

So why does the narrative persist? Maybe because to give up victimhood means having to take ownership of ones success or failure rather than blaming “outside forces” beyond one’s control.

But trust me on this, much better to own your life than to believe it floats in some capricious wind, ready to be snatched away or defeated the moment you begin to win.

In reality, (the far majority of) men are not out to get you. They are not trying to hold you down, take away from your success, or control and oppress you. They are actually facing more systemic discrimination than you are, in today’s culture.

Yep. Males of European descent are now the ONLY group that it’s completely socially sanctioned to discriminate against. Is that really equality? Or reverse oppression?

It’s time for women to let go of the victim label and either sink or swim. We wanted equality, well here it is. And yes, it pretty much is both better and sucks in different ways.

Welcome to reality.

Let those with ears hear.