Recently, a piece of vital equipment I depend on broke.

Long story short, I finally located the broken part’s replacement but waited for several weeks for help installing it. My usual handy helpers were all maxed out. So Dancer pulled some strings, and a friend of a friend said he could come do the install.

He seems a really good guy, and he got the job done quickly, happily, and for a really fair price. As he wrapped up, he made it clear he’d be happy to have more work, and astutely but politely pointed out several things he could do, things already on my overdue list. Things quite frankly I have been fretting about or dreading somehow doing myself.

As we talked I realized this solid guy just got frivorced, going from a 3,500 square foot house on five acres he and his ex owned for 15 years to now living in a fifth wheel on someone elses’s property.

I didn’t ask about his story. I didn’t have to because I already know. It’s the same story so many men in his situation share every day in the manosphere.

Just like that. Everything gone. Right when he should be looking forward to retiring in 10 years.

He seems like a good man. He’s obviously handy and hard working. I could tell from his well organized tools and tidy vehicle that he wasn’t just some no good slacker.

I didn’t pry but suspect he’s another casualty of the frivorce culture.    Some “unhaaaapy” mid-life gal tossed out this good man thinking she could do better. Or would be better off.

I wondered how things were going for her now. How many broken down things no longer “fixing themselves” she was now surrounded by.  While the handy and happy to be so guy she kicked to the curb was ironically being paid by other women to fix stuff as he simply struggles to make sense of the senselessness his life has become. Shell shocked.

After he left I felt incredibly sad. It’s not right, how men are treated today. It’s really really not right.

Let those with ears hear.