Ladies, if you want to stand out, here’s a great to-do list from a guy’s point of view. From what I have read around the manosphere, I’d say he has captured it pretty well, and some of the list may be new! Certainly not things you’ll read in women’s magazines giving dating advice. What do you think? Do any of these points surprise you? Contradict what you have been told or read is important to men? Please share in the comments!

Σ Frame

This post outlines an easily digestible checklist for feminine qualities that score big with men. These things, plus a healthy RESPECT (which doesn’t make the list, because it is a skill, not a quality), is what makes a woman unforgettable for me, and I believe, all men as well. Unfortunately, right now in western history, irresistible, respectful women are on the brink of extinction. So here’s the ideal, lest we forget!

  1. Emotional maturity is the biggest asset of all. She is happy, relaxed, and emotionally stable. She knows how to maintain a good attitude at all times. She has a bubbly sense of inner joy that doesn’t change with respect to circumstances. She accepts people for who they are, and doesn’t denigrate or shit test them. She knows what she believes, what she likes, and what she wants, and she knows how to get along with people in a…

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