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Today I experienced an example of day game. Day game is a technique of catching a gals attention during the day, when they are going about their daily round. Supposedly day game sneaks in under a gal’s “pick up radar” and some find it more approachable and effective than going to bars or clubs.

I was in a nearby urban area, on a rather “trendy” street because I was looking for something specific. I stopped in the store, had a great experience w the very helpful and friendly sales gal, and then walked out the door w my purchase.

I was just strolling along, probably smiling and lost in thought, not paying much attention when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a very good looking and well dressed  man strolling with a friend staring at me with a very intimate look. I could only describe it as the way you would look at someone you love deeply.

Flustered, I blushed, smiled, and kept walking.

Because I was in the city I had exchanged my usual muck boots and flannel for a mid-calf scoop neck (but not low) black t-shirt material dress with 3/4 sleeves and a floaty, feminine floral open jacket on top with black ballet flats. I had my makeup on, hair fixed, and even a necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Pretty dressed up for me but hey it’s “town” so I try to spiff up.

Maybe I reminded him of his sister or something, maybe he likes gals in dresses, who knows, as there were no words exchanged. I could be way off. So I can’t say for sure it was day game or what but if so I have a feeling it works pretty well for him.

I suppose at that point a gal could drop her keys, or ask for the time or directions or something. I am not really sure how that works and while I appreciated the glance I didn’t want to encourage anything more.

I know there’s this perception that guys who do well with women are jerks, and some are, but a lot of Romeo types actually adore women and it is that “fall in love with every girl who walks by” that works in their favor.

Now whether such a man is a good bet long term is questionable. But they do start off as fun and flattering and light.

I know in my case I don’t notice a guy until I notice him noticing me. Just like I would not have noticed this guy today otherwise.

It’s just a field study example.  And I just took it as the flattery it was, and thought about how great my guy is, and how glad I am to be off the market. I was never very good at games anyway.

What do you think of day game? Have some examples of your own? Please share in the comments!