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The #metoo movement that was aimed at apparently empowering women is ironically doing just the opposite. Now I am not talking about cases where the #metoo refers to actual rape or sexual assault here. I am not denying such things occur, and they are not OK.

But when #metoo starts going into the realm of, “a guy looked at me that I didn’t want to look at me,” well that’s just stupid. That’s not aggression. That’s not micro aggression. That’s just stupid.

Or even if a man approaches and asks one out, and the gal isn’t interested? That’s not aggression. That’s not micro aggression. That’s just not a match. Whatever happened to saying, “Thanks but I am not interested,” and moving on?

Why after 40-plus years of empowerment and independence are women increasingly seeming to become even less able to handle the world they live in than ever?

Reducing #metoo to every incident where a guy one isn’t interested in looking at one or approaching one becomes elevated to the same level as true sexual assault or rape is absurd.

Maybe women could try being less triggered. Maybe women could take ownership of their own emotional regulation rather than expect the whole world to tiptoe around them?

Isn’t that what being strong, independent, and empowered means? Able to handle life?

Either women need to be under the constant protection, lock, and guard of an outside controlling force or they don’t. The actions and hysteria of some women of late seems to imply some may be incapable of managing.

Is that really the direction we want things to go? I know I sure don’t.

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