Are you owning your life?

Its a deceptively easy question, yet one that can also strike to the core.  Many today would prefer to blame others or circumstance than take ownership for life being less than they want.

Sure, some are born into more wealth, or a more stable family, the right connections, or have more smarts. But even these people eventually have to pick up the ball of life and run with it, or not.

So if the life you want isn’t the life you have, own it. Look within and identify what YOU can do to bring the two as close together as possible.

Maybe some fixes are as easy as spending a few hours, others may be lifelong projects. But they will never materialize without you owning them and taking the steps necessary to manifest them.

Wishing isn’t doing.

Maybe you will have to change habits, step out of your comfort zone, do and be things you never have before. It might seem easier to just stay the course. But it’s not.

Maybe you need to give yourself permission to actually have a good life? Maybe somehow you are holding back or don’t believe it’s possible? Maybe somehow you picked up the message that the good life is for others?

The big secret is in most cases it’s entirely possible, but only if you own it. Only if you do it rather than simply dream it.

Sure there will be setbacks and struggles. Don’t read them as signs you are failing, read them as growing pains, teachable moments, and lessons learned.

In the end it’s your life. Your work of art. Your short span on this spinning ball. No matter what has happened up until now, the future is not yet written.

Own it! Make it yours. Make it a tale of triumph!