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You’ve likely seen the articles that put a salary figure on what moms or wives do and what those things would cost if she were paid for them. But have you ever seen the same for a husband or dad?

I haven’t but I would wager men bring just as much or more “free work” to a couple as the gals do.

For example, there’s yard work and landscaping, carpentry, electrical, mechanical, painting, troubleshooting of broken items, home security, personal bodyguard,  and more. A quick pricing of what any of these tasks would cost on a hired basis shows it’s considerable.

Not to mention everyday tasks such as laundry, cooking, and all the other chores many couples now often share as part of keeping things going day to day.

Sure not all guys do x, y, or z but the overall point is that articles about the value women contribute “for free” tend to imply men don’t do so as well when clearly they do.

Building a life and keeping things going involves sweat equity from all involved. Appreciating each other’s contributions goes a lot further than keeping score.

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