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My killing spree continues, with hundreds — maybe thousands — of wasps, sugar ants, and now fall webworms (aka tent caterpillars but they are actually a different critter) on the list. I am still pretty conflicted about it all but am doing what needs done.

This was in stark contrast yesterday after asking my housepainter if we (he actually) could try blasting the higher up webworms from a large tree with his high powered pressure washer.

He, his son, and a friend’s husband gathered under the tree with a gleam in their eyes, cheering the process on as each webby mass filled with hundreds of caterpillars was anailiated. Rather than feeling bad about it, like I did the day before as I got the lowest nests out of the tree and drowned the caterpillars in a bucket of soapy water, they were clearly enjoying the caterpillar slaying.

The painter’s son, in his mid-20s, even asked me to video him blasting the webs so he could send it to his friends!

Granted, maybe not every guy would enjoy it as much as they did, but I take it as more evidence that gender is not a social construct. I truly seem to lack the hunter impulse and don’t approach the task with the gusto that these men did.  And yet, I recognize that gusto doesn’t need to be tamed, shamed, or labeled “toxic masculinity.”

Hunters and gatherers. I know which one I would rather be. I’ll take gathering any day! But I am also thankful that others embrace the hunter role. Viva la difference!

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