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After finding the manosphere, I have a much deeper understanding (although not perfect) of the male experience. This has led me to be much more aware of how I personally interact with men, as well as how other women do.

Something I have noticed is how many women automatically treat men with suspicion, hostility, or indifference.

I can’t imagine if every time I said hello to someone I was treated like some sort of pervey creepy potential rapist, or like I don’t even exist. Many men (especially non-top-tier men) are treated exactly like that. I see it often. I probably even did this myself before I was aware of it, sadly.

Now I don’t treat guys this way, I don’t assume the worst, I don’t blow them off or ignore them, and I don’t treat them like all they want is to get in my pants. And guess what? Nothing bad has happened!

If you find yourself walking around “with your bitch shield up” as they say in the manosphere, try taking it down a notch. Try assuming the best, not the worst.

Guys really seem relieved and appreciative of being treated like a normal human being rather than like a psycho stalker.

Try it and let us know the results!