The other day I happened to have a rare half hour of free time and be near a national historic site all dolled up for Christmas, so naturally I popped in to get some holiday cheer.

The tour guide, a retiree aged gal, was happy to tell me all about the place.

Maybe 10 minutes in, a dad and two teens came in. They naturally folded into my not scheduled tour.

The house we were touring has been home to many four and even five star generals in its day.

At one point, the tour guide started to explain how a certain room had once been limited to men over the age of 18.

Then the uncomfortable moment occurred — the two teens were most likely female genetically but expressing as males. (Not that I asked, just a best guess and 40+ years of experience.)

The nervous tour guide focused on the age vs gender limit, but I could tell she was struggling with the proper pronouns.

i thought, why on earth would anyone (these teen possibly genetically girls, for example) decide to identify as white males? Did they not know this is now the one and only demographic it is totally OK to discriminate against?

And  if white males are so terrible, why would anyone choose to identify as such? If they did not have to?

And maybe they just unfortunately were born genetically female but identified as white males despite the current disadvantage.

Anyway we all survived the tour. But I did wonder these things.  Not that it matters really.

What do you think?Please share in the comments!


(P.s. I recently read of a study that showed in the 1960s in mice that the birth control pill created marked statistically significant gender confusion in the third generation (grandchildren of females who took the pill) but that the data was suppressed. And we are here now in human generations. Would maybe explain the otherwise inexplainable? I dunno.. discuss… )