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OK  guys — New Year, time to switch things up a bit so let’s do something different — instead of calling out the many things that are not so good these days, how about we each name at least one GOOD thing big or small, silly or serious, yin or yang, but whatever it is, something GOOD about your day, your life, the world, whatever! Go!

Ok I will start — preying mantis. Talk about cool! There was one on my porch the other day (they are not so common here, and especially in winter) and it looked at me and I looked at it, and I pointed it out to my daughters, and then they looked at it and it looked at them and I wasn’t sure who was watching who. If you have never seen one in real life, they are probably the closest thing to an alien I can think of and they seem to be almost zen in touch with the world, all knowing. And who knows — maybe they have it figured out better than an we do! And they eat bad bugs. That’s good, too! (And, I had forgotten but it’s true the female sometimes eats the male after mating, that is not good and was not why I choose this example! Sorry!)

This video shows another side to them we did not see that day, apparently they are little bada$$es! Who knew! See for yourself (I think even the Ton would think it’s good!)

Ok your turn! Please share in the comments. You are by no means limited to one good thing. Feel free to name as many as you want!

Can’t be black pill all the time, or even red pill, right?!? Lol!

Go! If you usually read but don’t post, I double dog dare you to add a good thing to the mix, too!