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Ok, I know I have not been writing much lately. But it’s not because I don’t feel the same, or don’t care.

It’s maybe because I am just slightly ahead of the post-outrage curve. Not peak outrage. More like —  I am over it outrage. Or maybe never even was outraged, except at the nonsensical outrage. Outrage fatigue?

Like facial razor companies complaining about testoserone? Um… yeah… awkward and obviously in so many ways — not a good strategy. But you go, razor company!!! Die on that hill, if you must. I’ve got better things to do.

Like live my life. Pardon me for not caring. I just can’t relate. I really don’t care about your outrage. Meh.

(Boys acting like boys?!? Girls acting like girls?!? Omg!!! Refreshing TBH!!!)

Anyway… here’s the link.


How about you? Over it? Outraged? Just discovering the red pill? Please share in the comments!