Random but interesting moment today.

I was at a local mini mart. My daughter laughed and pointed at a sign on the car next to us. It was a funny sign, and it just so happened to be for something I needed to fix on my place years ago but have been putting off.

So I waved and honked and then after the guy rolled down his window explained how I was wondering if I could get a bid? He asked where I lived? Turned out he lives in my same area. And had the time. And so he showed up and looked at the situation.

In the meantime, as he measured and figured, he for whatever reason started sharing his life story. (It has happened to me for decades, not sure why, but people tell me stuff they say nobody else knows, I always feel so lucky even if sometimes people tell me too much. Or stuff I wish I didn’t know. But they do.)

So he told me how he was born and raised in the same faith as my kids former babysitter. But he said when he went to college he was exposed to ideas he had no idea at the time were so detrimental.

Like a darkness they grew. He confessed he stopped believing, became atheist, yet still knew playing along ment jobs and connections. So he did.

And yet, he said nihilism set in. A dark hour of the soul. And that for the first time, without higher belief, he understood in a way he never had before how people could not care, could in fact become a danger (like in a “how could this ever happen to innocent people who have nothing to do with it?” danger in the worst case and in a “enjoy the fall poolside, bring popcorn” person in the less worst case danger.)

So I can imagine only his surprise when I said I totally got it. Understood. And that it was only in my 40s myself that I realized I had been sold a bum deal my whole life. “Strong independent female” etc.

And that I agreed, society was degenerating daily in a way I could never have imagined even possible ten years ago. And that I did not understand. Or see going anywhere good.

He said in 1855-some his church predicted this — that men would become women and that women would become men.

And then more recently (3o-some years ago) his church predicted that right would become wrong and what was once considered wrong would become right. That it would flip.

And that there would be years of darkness and then it would be followed by an awakening.

Finally he wrapped up his measuring and figuring and gave me a bid. It was more than reasonable and I hope to hire him soon. I get the idea he would do an amazing job.

Anyway I am not sure what the point is except I am sure he’s likely never heard of the red pill. Yet he has clearly taken it. I found that interesting indeed.

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