As you may or may not know, this blog came out of my stumbling across the manosphere, listening what to these gruff and sometimes grouchy men had to say, and then realizing that it was information being said nowhere else that women like myself and those I knew needed to hear.

And I also knew that most women probably wouldn’t be able to stick around the manosphere long enough before they got offended, or in an argument with the men, and rejected the message entirely.

Because guys see things in a different way, it’s almost a different language, my I’d ea was to take the information that the men were sharing and then translate it into language that women could understand, would find helpful, and would not reject because of the way that it was phrased or who was saying it.

I also wanted this to be a welcoming space for male readers, just as they so graciously allowed me to hang around the “men only” manosphere and answer my million questions and not just run me off. Maybe I (and we) can give them some insight into the female brain, just like they gave me insight into the male brain.

And here I am, I don’t know how many years later, 6 or 7 years later, and I find myself writing less not because I don’t care about this anymore or I don’t believe in these things anymore but because I really feel like I rarely have something new to say that I haven’t said before.

If you are new here I would encourage you to dig back to the beginning of time and read from the bottom up or just poke around and read stuff as you see fit or use the search box and find things that you have questions about. There’s a lot of information here.

Today I was thinking about this concept of how girls just want to have fun and how it’s both an upside and a downside.

But for better or for worse it is the way the Creator has designed woman, and I truly think the world needs their levity when it is a positive force. The feminine nature is at its best inspirational and what makes civilization get built by men who like these silly happy creatures and making them happier.

But it can be also a huge blind spot and weak point for women who do not understand it themselves.

The naturals and cads of the world understand this about women intuitively, and know that appealing to a girls just want to have fun nature is a big part of connecting with them.

The downside to this of course is that women often get involved with the wrong kind of man, the love ‘em and leave ‘em cad, just because he’s witty or charming or knows how to talk to women and “be fun.”

In the past the man in a woman’s family would sort that out because they can see it better than women can and they would runoff the men that had bad intentions and not let them get close to their precious women They were trying to protect and wanted good future’s for.

Along came feminism which told women these men are trying to control you and you should be able to make your own choices.

It all sounds good but it’s kind of like Eve and the Apple. And what seems harmless can cause great harm indeed, including to her. Although she may be having so much fun at the time she doesn’t notice.

But if you look around and you observe how many women are being used and misstreated and ditched and hurt because of this, you will see the obvious downside and how it’s really not that fun except initially.

So ladies remember girls just wanting to have fun can have drawbacks. So make sure you’re sticking to the good fun side of things.

And to any men folk reading here I would say remember girls just want to have fun and so if you can somehow couch your interactions with them in the guise of fun you will probably find it is very effective, indeed! It’s like catnip! Use this knowledge well and wisely and for good.

Goodness knows with everything else that’s going on in the world we could all use a little more fun in our lives. Just make sure it’s of the productive sort.

What do you think? Please share in the comments.