Being a Nasty Woman Is Not Good


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During the final debate, Trump told Hillary, “You are a nasty woman” after she delivered one of several low blows during the event.

Not surprisingly, women on Twitter took up the torch, claiming if being a nasty woman meant smart, confident, and powerful count them in.

Thing is, he didn’t call her that for being smart, confident, or powerful. He called her that because of her throwing a jab and then expecting to get a pass because she’s a woman.

See if women want equality, and want to “act like men” along with that comes being treated equally. Which means not with kid gloves.

Even as young as preschool one can see that males and females settle disputes differently. Girls shame and ostracize each other, threatening “I won’t invite you to my birthday!” Such spats can go for days. Boys? They whack each other. Somebody “wins” and they are over it

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying because preschoolers act this way, adults should. In fact a big part of early social education is teaching children how to not act on their basest natures, but to “be civilized.”

And of course boys especially are taught to never hit or act aggressively toward girls because girls are to be treated differently than boys.

However, this naturally is expected to be a two way street. If girls don’t want to be treated like boys, they historically have been taught in exchange to be polite, ladylike, refined.

Today, if a woman hits a man, yells at him, throws barbs his way, she still expects to be treated, “like a lady.” But guess what? One can’t have it both ways.

Women who demand the equality to act aggressively toward men should expect it to be met with aggression back, just like occurs between two men. That’s equality. Men don’t ignore aggression from another man, why should he from a woman who acts more like an aggressive man than a ladylike woman?

In short, it’s not good to be or act like a “nasty woman.” It’s not powerful, confident, or intelligent. It’s base. It’s low class. It’s embarrassing.

Women who want to be treated with respect and equality are far better to rise above than to stoop low.

It’s one thing to say, “When they go low, we go high.” Quite another to actually walk the talk.

What do you think? Please share in the comments below.



Are You a Critical Thinker?


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Critical thinking is defined as, “the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment.”

Are you a critical thinker? Many people aren’t, and yet they don’t even know it.

We are all operating on a series of conscious or subconscious beliefs that we have been taught, absorbed, were exposed to, indoctrinated with, or in some other way influenced to believe, “this is how it is.”

Much of this happens when we are very young, under the age of 5, much too young to understand there may be other beliefs, or that the beliefs we are adopting could in fact be completely off. At the time, there is no ability to filter the beliefs we are exposed to. They simply become our own.

That’s where critical thinking comes in. I am constantly exposing myself to alternate viewpoints and beliefs in an effort to better understand and examine my own. Often the result is a better understanding of my belief and sometimes I will alter my beliefs based on consciously examining them as an adult.

Today, there is a trend in our society that discourages critical thinking. College students are demanding “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” in an effort to avoid being exposed to opposing or alternate beliefs.

Alternate belief systems are being increasingly deemed “unacceptable” by these same people, and they are demanding others conform to their belief system. If they don’t, they reject them as “wrong” or “ignorant” or “a hater” or even demand the person be persecuted or punished for their “unacceptable” (as defined by them) beliefs.

Interestingly these same people often consider themselves “tolerant” and those who don’t agree with them “intolerant.” Ironic?

This line of thinking is exactly the opposite of the principles the United States were founded upon. We’re not a nation of conformity, group think, or censorship. Critical thinking, open debate, and freedom of self expression are all foundational principles to our democracy.

I’d challenge everyone reading this to start examining their personal beliefs, where they came from, how they compare to the beliefs of others, and where they stand up to scrutiny and where they fall short.

If someone says something you strongly react to or immediately oppose, that’s a perfect time to reflect on your reaction, step outside of your beliefs and try to see where the other person is coming from, and consider if perhaps you could learn from their belief rather than just rejecting it outright. Instead of being upset, think of it as an opportunity to grow and to refine who you truly are and what you truly believe.

Every once in awhile, you might just discover a belief you have held since childhood actually doesn’t fit your adult belief systems at all. Other times, you will find them confirmed.

Either way, you aren’t just mindlessly going through life with blinders on. Blinders you didn’t even choose yourself, but ones chosen for you long before you realized you ever even had a choice.




A Crossroads


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In the spirit of debate, I wanted to repost a comment made on another blog that I found thought provoking. Please share your thoughts at the end!


David October 14, 2016 1:53 AM
Although admittedly I’m observing this from over here in London, even I’ve noticed that, for some reason, the US media seem hell bent on trivialising this election by focusing on contrived tabloid hit-pieces nobody really cares about. Or at least, nobody should care about! But for me it is, and always will be – all about the issues:


If you feel that America is doing just fine, both domestically and internationally and all that is needed is more of the same; vote for her.

But if you think the previous eight years have accelerated America’s decline, both at home and abroad and that a new direction is needed; vote for him.


If you feel that the biggest national dept in history is nothing much to worry about and that America can continue to borrow it’s way into further debt indefinitely; vote for her.

But if you think that America needs to tackle its unprecedented debt by insisting its economic rivals cease protecting their own markets by cynically manipulating the value of their own currencies and start playing on a level playing field; vote for him.


If you feel that entering into endless proxy conflicts abroad is a great use of your most cherished national asset – the brave Men and Women who serve in your military; vote for her.

But if you think that American service Men and Women should only ever be used to protect America’s direct interests and that other nations who rely on America’s protection should contribute to the cost of that protection; vote for him.


If you feel that mass illegal immigration from the third world and all the adverse social deprivations associated with it, is good for America; vote for her.

But if you think that America should cease its policy of mass immigration from the third world until it can provide sufficiently for the people who are already in the country. And that America should finally start enforcing its existing laws on illegal immigration; vote for him.


If you feel that vilifying your law enforcement officers and whipping up racial tensions, in already gang infested and drug riddled inner cities, has made them better places to live; vote for her.

But if you think the people who live in America’s cities deserve to be protected by strong and respected law enforcement agencies. And that the gang-crime that blights many of those cities needs to be tackled and tackled hard; vote for him.



If you feel that allowing your industries to sack their American workers and move to third world countries to take advantage of slave labour and then sell their goods back to you, without penalty, is an acceptable economic policy; vote for her.

But if you think that encouraging industries to remain within America and penalising those that try the slave foreign labour route will be good for America and American workers; vote for him.


If you feel that continuing to operate international trade agreements which allow your economic rivals to restrict your exports to them while they are allowed to flood your markets with there goods is wise or even economically sustainable; vote for her.

But if you think that the international trade agreements America is currently operating were poorly advised and have, in large part, contributed to America’s economic decline and must be revisited, revised and redrafted so as to benefit America’s economy rather than building up the economies of its rivals; vote for him.


If you feel that it is wise to ignore the fact that America’s core values are under violent attack from people who obtained their vicious hatred of those values from the teachings of Islam. And that it is some how morally wrong to even mention the phrase “Islamic Terrorism” for fear of offending somebody’s misplaced sensibilities; vote for her.

But if you think that America should acknowledge that many of the teachings of Islam are incompatible with the freedoms it holds dear, including equal rights for gays and women, and that people suspected of favouring such teachings should not be allowed into the country unchecked; vote for him.


If you feel that America’s declining influence on the world stage and the continued disrespect and contempt America is now held in by many of its international rivals is something to be proud of; vote for her.

But if you think that America should prioritise forging alliances with nations who show it mutual respect and share its core values, and that are fighting against the same scourge of Islamic Terrorism America is fighting. While disengaging from nations that are openly disrespectful and that have values that are morally abhorrent to those your forefathers made so much effort to establish; vote for him.

If you feel that it is fine to be ruled by career politicians who have had to beg, steel and borrow hundreds of millions of dollars from self-interested groups to fund their political careers. Groups that naturally expect a return on their investments; vote for her.

But if you think that America has been poorly served by its political class – of both hews – for the past several decades and that the political system its self, has become so reliant on obtaining donations from self-interested groups, that now no person of integrity could ever make it into office. And if you believe that electing bought and payed for puppet politicians has cost America dearly and that only a self funded candidate can break the cycle of corruption; vote for him.


If you feel that a career politician who has become rich from so called ‘public service’ is likely to keep their promises ‘this time’ despite the countless empty and broken promises of their past. And that it’s acceptable for a politician to justify their many mistakes, lies and let-downs buy merely laughing them off as “miss-steps” “brain freezes” or “miss-speaks”; vote for her.

But if you think that it is time to wrestle the reigns of power away from the people who have lead America into the mess in which it now finds itself and to give a chance to a non-politician, a proven employment creator with a solid record of business success, and who has brought up a beautiful family who love and respect them, a winner in every sense of the word and someone who obviously loves their country; vote for him.

In my humble opinion, them’s the REAL choices folks.


What do you think? Please share in the comments!

Divorce Isn’t A Fix All


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A good friend of mine who was in her 40’s and had been divorced for some time said something that I will never forget, “Something I realized after my divorce was the same problems I used to think were caused by him still remained.”

In other words the bathroom still didn’t clean itself. There were clothes on the floor. The dishes piled up. Bills still came. Stuff still needed fixing. And all the rest.

She said it was a real case of eating humble pie when she realized it, too.

Despite my friend being a very attractive, fit, petite women with a great job (she was a neonatal nurse), a fun personality, and no kids or other responsibilities, she had not managed to find another relationship in the decade after she left her marriage.

Sadly, we’ve lost touch over the past 10 years, but last I heard she was dating someone who had decided he would never remarry and they lived separately and had just broke up because she didn’t want to live alone.

Sometimes the problems that are so easy to blame on a spouse are simply life problems. Problems you are going to have as a single person, too. Except you will now face those problems on your own.

I hope her tale serves as an example that divorce doesn’t magically fix all of life’s problems, and often marriage isn’t the problem, life is. So before you jump into the great unknown thinking it will be easier and better, stop to ask yourself if maybe you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater (or in this case the hubby!)

Let those with ears hear.


A Bride or a Wife?


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Recently, I helped at a wedding that provided a great example of the difference between being ready to be a bride versus being ready to be a wife.

The couple is in their 20s. I would guess she’s about 22, he’s in his late 20’s. They met in a rather unique way — she was on a blind date with one of his friends (it was not a match). He waited a year, kept tabs on her via Facebook, then asked her out on a date. Before the date was over, she says they both knew this was likely “it.”

This young couple impresses me in many ways. They are already committed to a debt-free lifestyle. They bought a piece of land and are building a home. They approach life as a team already. They are unusually sensible and mature for their ages, it seems to me. They are “on the right track” and seem to have a solid plan for their future.

All of this impressed me already, but I really saw that this girl was ready to be a wife, not just a bride, when the wedding day approached. By a stroke of bad luck there was a huge storm, and with high winds and pouring rain forecast, the outdoor fall wedding she had dreamed of was just not in the cards as planned.

Three days before the event, she accepted reality and quickly went to work securing an alternate indoor venue and rearranging everything.

Not once did I see her melt down. Not once did I see her feel sorry for herself. Not once did I hear her complain. No princess fantasy derailment. No, “My day is ruined!” She just bucked up and did what needed done. Like a boss (and I told her so!)

I have to say, she surprised me. I had underestimated her, as she is very attractive and seems like the kind of girl who has likely had a charmed and easy life. Or so I thought. I was surprised in fact when I met her parents to learn this very traditional minded gal had been raised in a hippie commune.

Who would have thought? A gal raised in a Northern California hippie commune would turn out to be such a mature, sensible, solid adult? Who despite both being raised in an alternative culture combined with the current culture, choose to marry and start her adult life young, and choose very well. Her husband comes from one of the most respected families in the area and he is a great guy. His choice of a wife reveals a wisdom and readiness to lead.

I predict good things for them. She’s shared that they plan to start a family soon, and after working in commercial daycare centers in high school, and despite being recently promoted to manager in a national coffee house chain with the promise of an upwardly mobile career ahead, they have decided when children come she’ll stay at home and raise them.

In any case, she’s a good example of a woman who is not just ready to be a bride, but who is ready to be a wife. It warms my red pill cynical heart to see, that sometimes people still manage to find their way despite the mainstream madness.

I hope to raise my daughters to be as wise as this young lady.  She’s a great example and role model for any young woman to follow.

Don’t Mistake Feelings for Facts


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A common error I see women make in relationships and other areas of life is mistaking emotions as facts.

Facts are truths that don’t change, stand up to scrutiny, and are widely understood. Emotions are feelings which are transient, often don’t stand up to reasoning, and differ from person to person.

When you are upset, stop and ask yourself if you are acting on emotion, or fact. A cooling off period will often shed light on the situation.

Most of all, beware making major life decisions based on emotions rather than fact.

What do you think? Can you give an example of yourself or someone else acting on emotions as if they were fact? What happened?

War Brides


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As someone who grew up in a military town, I have met and gotten to know many war brides.

Now, the “war bride” phenomenon is one few want to talk about, or acknowledge, as it speaks to a part of woman’s nature that men cannot fathom and many women don’t want to admit, that yet is part of the female internal program.

In short, in times of war, women respond to conquest by adapting to the new reality. They will marry soldiers who recently killed their kin and fathers and sons and brothers. Because the harsh reality is, if they do not find a protector, they are as good as dead.

If they cannot line up such a protector for themselves because of age (post menopause) they will try to align such a match for their younger female kin like everyone’s survival depends upon it, because in a very real way it does.

All of the true war brides I have known (not just women who married American G.I’s stationed in their area in peacetime) all had a certain air to them, an air of regret and unhappiness. An empty, soulless look to their eyes. They survived, yes. But there was a high price to pay.

Women today are quite detached from the reality that all that stands between them and choosing war bride or death are their countrymen.

Trust me, your countrymen are the way to go. Always. Cherish them. Be loyal, supportive and true to them in good times and bad. Bring them tea and sandwiches. Have their back. And be sure to build them up. Little gestures they are, but to men they mean so, so, so much.

If not, your future is as (in)secure as the direction of the latest wind.

Let those who have ears hear.




A World Flipped Upside Down


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When did what used to be considered “freakish” and “abnormal” become completely socially acceptable, while at the same time what used to be considered “normal” is now socially unacceptable and labeled as being hate-ist?

We’re berated to be tolerant of everything except what used to be accepted social norms. Meanwhile, being CIS anything is met with intolerance.

One example, people will defend one’s right to burn the flag, but not the right to proudly fly one.

Why are traditional American values, the ideals and principles and norms our country were built upon, now socially unacceptable?

How did we get here? Is this really a good thing?

Considering Divorce? Try This.


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A gal I know through work has been talking of getting a divorce as long as I have known her. And for as long as I have known her, I have been giving her good reasons why she may want to reconsider.

She’s 35, together 15+ years, married 10 years, has four children (two from a previous relationship, two with her husband.) The oldest is 19, the youngest is 8. She’s been a stay at home mom since they married with the odd job here and there. They aren’t wealthy but they have a nice life, their own home, and enough money to pay the bills each month.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying there is never a reason to divorce, but I have probed and asked and as far as I can see or she is telling me, she is not being abused, he’s not an addict, he isn’t cheating. He goes to work every day, comes home right after, tries to make her happy and provide the things she wants, and is a good father to their children.

So what is the problem? I have written about her situation before but in a nutshell it seems to be a combination of she is bored, she’s frustrated with her own life, she and her husband are engaged in an ongoing power struggle that is killing the relationship, and rather than take steps to remedy the situation she endlessly fantasizes about getting divorced, instead.

I have shared with her what a struggle it can be to be a single mom, to be solely responsible for the family finances, the family chores, and most of the childcare. It’s a stressful and uncertain life, and I often worry about what would happen to my family if something happened to me?

Yet, she still didn’t seem to be hearing any of that. Until another friend of hers sent her the link to a message board of women who are either going through the divorce process or who are recently divorced. I believe her friend thought this message board would help her figure out how to get a divorce too, but it has had the opposite effect.

She’s lurked for hours on the message board, reading the stories of these women and their experiences.

Instead last time I saw her, she admitted she’s not thinking divorce is the solution she once did. It seems after reading real life divorce tales firsthand, she’s decided she doesn’t want to put herself, her kids, or her family through that. And it seems reading about the marriage struggles and problems experienced by other women, her situation suddenly doesn’t seem nearly so bad by comparison.

Another version of this might be going down to the local courthouse and spending a day sitting in and listening to family court.

No marriage is perfect. No marriage is all upside with no negatives. And yes, some marriages are bad news. But many times divorce may not be needed and in fact may be more difficult than repairing fixable issues.

I am happy my friend is reconsidering. I think she’s making a wise choice. I hope she will now spend as much time thinking about how to make her marriage better (and doing those things) as she once did thinking about how she was going to get out of it.